Marketing moves quickly. If you keep using the same old marketing tactics that don't appear to be working anymore, it's time to learn a new way of doing things.

The problem is, business owners and marketing managers don't always have a free couple of hours to read about new strategies and ideas. They're busy running a business or trying to sell their services. Or both.

So here's where we can help. We've taken practical and valuable marketing books and given you a summary in no more than 404 words.

In this post, we look at Seth Godin's 'This is Marketing'. In 25 years Seth Godin has been published 18 bestsellers on Marketing. He knows a little about our profession, that's fair to say. Now, for the first time, Seth Godin offers the core of his marketing wisdom in one accessible package.



Be specific. Don’t try to please everyone and serve everybody with your product and services. You’ll actually get more clients. This is the paradox of limiting your market.

Businesses are in search of being the best, but the best is subjective. Be the best for your tribe.

The magic questions should be ‘who’s it for?’

All of us as customers are seeking our own little pocket of uniqueness.

Not everyone will be interested, but if you do your job right enough people will. Find a niche where you can help and find an edge to position yourself within that niche.

Better is up to the user, not up to you.

We sell feelings, status, and connection, not tasks or stuff.

Customers don’t want a drill bit; they want a hole.

People don’t pay ten times more for a similar product because it’s ‘more of the same’. Instead, it’s a different story, a different sort of scarcity.

The best customers become your new salespeople.

Not everyone has to like what you do. Twelve per cent of the twenty-one thousand reviews for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone gave it one or two stars. To them, it is one of the worst books they’ve read.

The smallest viable market makes sense because it maximises your chances of changing a culture.

We make change by caring enough to want to change a culture, and by being brave enough to pick just one.

Status is important in marketing. We all have an idea of who we are and what groups we belong to. We buy things to enforce our perceived status in the world. The way you see the world isn't nearly as important as the worldview of those you seek to serve.

The more visceral your story, the better.

We scan things instead of study things.

Different people want different things, and some customers are worth more than others.

Advertising is unearned media. It's bought and paid for. And the people you seek to reach know it. They're suspicious. They're inundated. They're exhausted.

Direct marketing is action orientated. And it is measured. Brand marketing ia culturally orientated. And it can't be measured.

Again, be specific. Be very specific.

All the storytelling you do requires frequency. The market has been trained to associate frequency with trust.

Marketing changes your pricing. Pricing changes your marketing. When you're the cheapest you're not promising change. You're promising the same, but cheaper.


We recommend you read This is Marketing in its entiretyFollow the link here to grab yourself a copy.