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Page Load Time – Design Vs Usability

The existence of design trade-offs between usability features for consumer products has been discussed in textbooks and other publications for decades (e.g. Norman, 1986). These trade-offs exist because optimising one particular feature has direct ramifications for another. Page load time is one such example. Read more

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Colour Theory & Websites – How Web Design Becomes Art

Throughout human history painters and artists have been recognised for their ability to manipulate colour effectively. In modern times, this art-form opens a wealth of opportunity in commercial and business application, first in advertising and now in web design. Read more

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Design Principles Essential for a User Friendly Website

Usability is fundamental to the overall performance of your website. It is all very well having the most aesthetically pleasing website, but if users can't navigate your website or have a poor user experience, they are not going to be hanging around too long. In this blog, we are going to discuss in depth two user interface design principles that must be considered when developing a user-friendly website. As technology develops, these user interface design principles may evolve, but the main concepts and principles will remain. Read more


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