The keyword ‘business car lease’ is searched over 1900 times per months in the UK. It’s competitive, which probably means it won’t be a cheap click. Lucrative keywords on Google Ads means expensive clicks, which is all the more reason to get it right. Here we take a look at a BMW Business Partnership advert and 5 factors to consider.

It is worth pointing out that Google is free to show any combination of ad text and ad extensions at any time. With that in mind, if Google did show the ads for ‘business car lease’ in all of their 'extended glory', there is still much work to be done!

1. Strategy

It’s a bold strategy to advertise for ‘business car lease’ when you only sell one brand of vehicle. Clicks will be relatively expensive, and you are hoping that the person looking for a business car lease wants a BMW. The counter-argument, and possible BMW Business Partnerships’ thinking is that you only pay when an advert is clicked, so maybe it is worth the risk, based on the potential revenue for a conversion. BMW's all-important campaign data is the only way to answer that question. What is interesting is that BMW Business Partnership, at the time of writing, does not appear for ‘business car lease BMW,’ which is a highly targeted keyword with high buyer intent for that exact product.

2. Price Extensions

BMW Business Partnership could also use a ‘price extension,’. This feature can be creatively adapted to show prices per model, such as a price for a 1 Series, 2 Series, 3 Series, etc. Price Extensions always look great on the search page and give the user valuable context to click through to your landing page. Companies using Price Extensions have a clear advantage as many advertisers on Google Ads still don't make use of the extension.

3. Dynamic Keyword Insertion

The company is position 3, Vanarama, have either got very lucky with their ad copy in the headline matching ‘business car lease/leasing’, or, much more probable, are intentionally using dynamic keyword insertion. Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) has been around now for over many years; however, it’s an effective way to show the exact search term of the user. BMW Business Partnership can use DKI in future to increase the overall relevance of their ads.

4. Google Seller Reviews

A company needs 150 Google Reviews via a reputable review aggregator, such as Feefo or Trust Pilot. If BMW Business Partnership were to reach 150 reviews, it would add further powerful aesthetics to their advert. A user's eyes are drawn to the stand-out orange stars. For a company such as BMW Business Partnership, with regular daily conversions, it shouldn’t take too long to hit 150 reviews.

5. Landing Page

BMW Business Partnership’s landing page is highly relevant and will be a crucial component in helping to maintain a healthy quality score. The landing page factor isn’t as important as click-through rate, but it is a factor none the less. The landing page is set out by different models of BMW’s, giving the user the option to filter by monthly budget, body type, and fuel type. The searcher's expectations will be met with such a relevant page.